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The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker

“What hold does Alaska have on them? What makes this place worth giving everything else up?”

Resume: Calla Fletcher wasn’t even two when her mother took her and fled the Alaskan wild, unable to handle the isolation of the extreme, rural lifestyle, leaving behind Calla’s father, Wren Fletcher, in the process. When Calla learns that Wren’s days may be numbered, she knows that it’s time to make the long trip back to the remote frontier town where she was born. While she struggles to adjust to this rugged environment, Jonah—the unkempt, obnoxious, and proud Alaskan pilot who helps keep her father’s charter plane company operational—can’t imagine calling anywhere else home. It would be foolish of her to kindle a romance, to take the same path her parents tried—and failed at—years ago. It’s a simple truth that turns out to be not so simple after all.

“I might take risks, but they’re always worth it.”

I started reading this book with high expectations because it has some amazing reviews and I was scared they would be just too high but the books is just good! So so so good! It’s a simple quick story. The setting was atmospheric, Alaska sounded so good even when Calla complained about it.

Cara is such a good character. She isn’t perfect and she knows it, she will probably upset you a bit with her obsession with her looks and how takes conclusions without asking for the real deal but she is just an insecure girl wanting her dad’s love and attention knowing he was dying.

Jonah… Jonah is one of those perfect male protagonists. He’s funny, annoying, loyal and so intense. Even though some of his actions might seem childish, it’s impossible to not laugh or forgive and the way he loves Calla… I can say I wasn’t sure what to expected about the ending because it seemed impossible for them to stay together since they are so different but Jonah.. He surprised me so much, all because he loves Calla. Amazing.

I found most characters nice but I confess I had some issues with Calla’s mom, Susan. I know she loved Wren and continue to love him when life moved on but they were but impulsive and the way Susan behaved years later when she was married to Simon… I do think Simon deserved so much more. I wasn’t expecting feeling so sad for him. So, get into this book knowing the characters are far from bring perfect.

The Simple Wild is one of my favorite reads of 2018. The feelings, the story… Just perfect.

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