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Naz & Roz by Bethany-Kris

“Love isn’t like everything else in life. You never stop learning with love, and that’s part of the beauty of it.”

Resume: Nazio “Naz” Donati is brilliant, sinful, and criminal. A genius from the moment he was born, and a man who’s still trying to learn how to navigate and balance this thing called life. Rosalynn ”Roz” Puzza is talented, beautiful, and driven. A pianist prodigy from the second they sat her at a piano as a little girl, and a young woman who isn’t sure if she’s truly earned her spot on the stage. When brilliance and talent crash together, it can make magic.

“I can’t believe you’re mine, Rosalynn Puzza.”

Quick read but nothing new, nothing that makes you want to stay awake all night reading. Very simple story, felt incomplete and missing things, a bit rushed. It has the hype from the other books but was a bit disappointing.

Naz is described as “Cross Donati twin” but he’s so different, he seems more like Callisto and not intense. I wasn’t expecting much from Roz, which I was ok with it since I was expecting a lot from Naz but Roz is young, confused. Their romance didn’t feel strong, Roz giving up of her dream because she can only think about Naz? She’s weak and didn’t change much in all book which is more like a novella. And the story was so rushed, it felt like all happened in one or two months. Everything sounded so “perfect” besides Roz’s struggles.

Sadly, this is how the Donati’s story ends. This is the last book for the family and I wished it had more powerful and beautiful, not so empty.


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