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Keeping 13 (Boys of Tommen #2) by Chloe Walsh

Resume: Following a devastating injury that has left him sidelined and stripped of his beloved number 13 jersey, Johnny is struggling to hold onto his dreams. Lost, insecure, and desperately seeking comfort, he sets his sights on unraveling the mystery of the girl with the midnight-blue eyes. Keeping secrets has never been a problem for Shannon. The life she was born into demands nothing less. She knows that demons and evil men don’t just exist in fairytales.
Falling in love was the easy part, what comes next is the test…

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I really loved the first book. I was so excited for the second but I’m disappointed. It was just ok. There was so many forced “funny” moments and scenes that killed the book. I was expecting drama, I was expecting my heart to break in a million pieces. The characters also feel different, they are so immature.. even the adults! I liked the ending, thought so I kinda want to pick up the ending, add it to the first book and forget a bit the second.

It’s not a terrible book, it’s an ok book and that makes me sad.

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