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Drago (Made Men, #6) by Sarah Brianne

Drago (Made Men, #6)

Resume: Drago is the protector, willing to risk his life for the Carusos. Katarina is a Luciano, protected only by her brothers.  Gunned down by her Family, he is seeking vengeance.  Chosen by his, she’s forced to unite their blood. Marrying her might just be his sweet revenge. Marrying him would be a marriage made in hell. 

“If you thought this was going to be a love story, where they fall in love the second their eyes met… you were wrong. This isn’t it.” 

I had so many issues with this book. First, there’s no story, no plot, there’s nothing new. The characters have become so immature. 
Drago seemed to be an interesting character and could have been interesting to develop but out of nowhere he goes from wanting revenge (not sure why since it wasn’t the kids fault and he works for mafia so getting shot should be a normal thing) to like her because she does maths and in the same week, barely without talking with her, he’s starting to feel something and once a month has passed, he’s in love. He goes from strong and kinda cold character to immature. 
I also don’t understand why Lucca appearing so many times. This isn’t his book and as much people loves him, he should stop stealing the spotlight. I also don’t understand why in all books there’s mentions about Vincent and Nero being dumb but hot. The forced conversations and funny moments… Honestly, I thought Angel was so so but one is worse. The story doesn’t flow naturally and again, there’s no story. He wants to marry because her dad shot him, she agrees to marry because she “has” to, then they are married and then they are happy. That’s it.

Not sure if I will continue to read the series.

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