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Twisted Bonds (The Camorra Chronicles Book 4) by Cora Reilly

Resume: Kiara always wanted a loving family she could take care of. She never thought she’d find it with the Falcones.
Nino and Kiara both lost part of themselves in their traumatic childhood. Together they’re trying to recover the missing pieces, but they aren’t the only broken souls in the Falcone mansion; Kiara fears that not all of them can be saved. Determined to protect her new family and the future of her dreams, she’s on a mission to help each of them in her own way, even if it means stacking up secrets.

“Sometimes I feel like my insides are a raging flood of emotions when I look at you, but I don’t mind drowning.”

Twisted Bonds is the continuation of Twisted Emotions, Nino and Kiara’s story. The books starts where Twisted Emotions ended and catches Twisted Pride events so I really advice people to read the previous books before starting this one.

I really really loved this book. I didn’t connect that fast with Kiara and Nino in Twisted Emotions (love the book) but it changed with Twisted Bonds. While I felt there was something missing in Twisted Emotions, this book filled those blank spaces. We get to see them evolving individually and as couple, and I absolutely fell in love with Nino. He changed since Twisted Emotions yet still feels the same Nino, still truthful to himself and it was nice to follow him in this journey of self discovery. I really liked Kiara, she finally came out of her shell and became someone confident, strong, outspoken and even thought I didn’t agree with some things, her sweet innocent nature is the perfect fit for Nino. They’re a very balanced couple and I loved how they stay strong and side by side, supporting each other, chasing away their fears together. Nino’s devotion to Kiara is so adorable specially coming from someone who repressed emotions.

But what I really loved about this book, was the secondary characters. They play a big role and standout so much in Twisted Bonds but the author was able to make them have a strong presence without overshadow Nino and Kiara.

There’s drama on this book but again, I loved it. I cried and my heart almost exploded with pain but I’m thankful the author didn’t drag the situation beyond necessary. I never knew I could care so much, feel so much for fictional characters until Twisted Bonds. But then, it just made them all strong, their bond is unique and if there’s something the drama and Twisted Bonds showed, is the real definition of family, love and loyalty.

Twisted Bonds was the book we all needed, it brings closure to Twisted Emotions. The book is filled with romance, family moments, action, struggles, anguish, Falcones humor. It also opens the door for future books for the other Falcone brothers but also other characters that I hope the author will explore one day.

If you felt Twisted Emotions was incomplete, if you love the Falcone brothers and want to get to know them better, if you want to see the family dynamics after the female characters became part of the family, this book will deliver everything you need.

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